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In early 2006 I was nominated for the New Haven Business Times 40 Under Forty award; a few months later I was informed that I was selected as a recipient of this presitgious award.

While it gives me great pleasure to be chosen for this award, the inspiration that remains within me years later is the pure fact that I was nominated by leaders in our community for being an entreprenuer and for being involved in community related services. I always maintained a deep passion for these two areas of personal development while trying my best to inspire others to do the same -- act like an owner and be driven to help others. My belief is that if you go into any relationship with a focus on giving more than you will take, the process of recipication begins. Having a one-way vision [how much is in it for me] will only lead to short-term success and teach others to do the same -- resulting in a non-productive and unhealthy environment while contributing to long-term failure.

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